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MintCell SPARTAN Mining case is designed for economically building professional crypto-currency mining rigs. The SPARTAN is as austere as it gets. It’s not pretty, but it can accommodate up to 10 GPUS (8 on top 2 direct on motherboard) and it will save you a ton of money. With the SPARTAN case, you can build high-hash, and space efficient professional mining rigs for home or mining farms without wasting time or money.

Package Contents:
1 x SPARTAN Open Air Case (no assembly required for 8 GPUS)
1 x Mounting Bracket and screws for 2x additional on-motherboard GPUs
All needed screws for attaching your power supplies, GPUs, and motherboard.

NOTE: This case is composed of unfinished sheet metal similar to the steel found in standard computer cases. As it is unfinished, it will have scratches and marks from the fabrication process. We have not touched up our listing images at all. So, what you see in the images is representative of the new condition of this rig. You may prime and paint the case to your liking. However, If you do so, the case will no longer be returnable.

**This offer is for a case/frame only, unless otherwise stated. IT does not include any of the depicted hardware (GPUs, PSUs., MOBO, etc.) The hardware in the product images is solely present to provide a visual reference of this product as it is intended to be used**UP TO 10 GPUs! Riser Shelf accommodates 8 GPUs, and after installing an included bracket, you can mount 2 GPUs directly on your motherboard.
Supports dual power supplies!
Laser-cut steel and precision welded stand-offs for a perfect fit every time.
Includes all needed screws for attaching your hardware: power supplies, GPUs, and motherboard.
Space economizing footprint: 21 inches wide, 11.75 inches deep, 11.75 inches high.

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