Bitcoin users are gunning for the exclusive ’21 million club’


Bitcoin owners have set a benchmark for the “21 million

To gain entry, you must own a full Bitcoin, currently
valued at nearly $13,000.

The 21 million figure refers to how many Bitcoin will
ever be in circulation.

Many people who missed buying out when Bitcoin was
cheaper now fear they’ll never become a member.

Bitcoin is having quite the year. Since it first hit $1,000 on
January 2, the value of one Bitcoin has risen to
nearly $13,000 as of December 6.

The rising prices (and surrounding cryptocurrency rush) have
enticed throngs of people to nab their first coins, coin, or
fractions of a coin.

It’s also spurred users to set a clear benchmark for Bitcoin
ownership, based on the fact that there are only 21 million
Bitcoin that will ever be in circulation: the exclusive “21
million club.”

Members of the 21 million club own at least one full Bitcoin.
They are part of a rare group that makes up less than 0.3% of the
global population (since some people own hundreds,
if not thousands of Bitcoin.)

On the Bitcoin
subreddit, users share stories of making into the 21 million
club, their plans to eventually do so, and regrets about not
having invested earlier, when their budgets might have still
allowed them to join.

bitcoin redditReddit

bitcoin redditReddit

bitcoin redditReddit

Some Redditors lament not having bought in earlier. Now they’re
forced to buy fractions of a coin at a price that, just a year
ago, would have been enough to net a full coin or more.

reddit bitcoinReddit

There’s no formal “club,” per se. Membership is purely symbolic.
But for those who have staked out their tiny corner of the
massive (and finite) Bitcoin fortune, the distinction is still a
point of pride.

That is, unless Bitcoin goes the way of some skeptical analysts

who call the cryptocurrency rush a bubble. If it eventually
pops, membership may not mean much of anything.

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